Chicken Entrepreneur Makes Leaning Fun And Hi-Tech

Rupesh Kumar Shah, 25, a Computer Science engineer with a post graduate degree from IIM- Kolkata creates Open Source based content and technology that can make learning fun.


ReInventing Boxer Shorts

According to the inventor, there have been no significant improvements in fly manufacturing in 80 years.


Three Student Entrepreneurs Offer New Future For Athletic Clothes

“It goes back to high school in 2009,” said Krass, “I played lacrosse with Sam and we just started hanging out and talking about how cool it would be to start a clothing company.”

Maybe the biggest inspiration the duo had was the success apparel company, Vineyard Vines was having in 2008 and 2009.


Cheap Shale Oil Will Revolutionize US by 2020

Oil and gas production in the United States and North America is going to skyrocket in the next 8 years due to strides in natural resource extraction, write Citi analysts in a report published yesterday.


Niche Health: Pain-Free Needles

Oliver Blackwell says his pain-free needle could be used in millions of procedures every year and lead to a more pleasant experience for patients.


Fitness Is Not Dead

Without grants or business training, Mr Shaw only opened his fitness venture in October – but it’s already proving a winner.

Invention Turns Plastic Into Diesel

Back in 2011 inventor Akinori Ito unveiled a machine that breaks down plastic bags, turning them into usable crude oil.


Entrepreneurs More Likely to Pray

34% of entrepreneurs say they frequently look up to the Lord, compared with 27% of non-entrepreneurs.


Making Clean Water

A defense contractor better known for building jet fighters and lethal missiles says it has found a way to slash the amount of energy needed to remove salt from seawater, potentially making it vastly cheaper to produce clean water at a time when scarcity has become a global security issue.