A Better Wagon For Travel

For the past 10 years, Shapiro, a personal injury lawyer who works and lives at the Beach, has dabbled at inventing a wagon that’s easier to carry and load.


The Success Of Board Games: Qwirkle

Petaluma resident and game designer Susan McKinley Ross said that one great way to step back from glowing screens and reconnect with others is through activities as simple as a board game.


Advice From The Man Behind DNS

Lesson 1: Simplicity is key

Lesson 2: Have a plan you can actually explain

Lesson 3: Plan for extension

Visit here for a full explanation of each lesson.


When I Grow Up…

A recent released Gallup poll shows that 77% want to be their own boss.


The Ultimate Wheelchair

In the six years since that first garage tinkering, Lasher has built Lasher Sport, crafting custom wheelchairs and handcycles that can roll on sandy beaches, ski on snowy mountaintops and careen terrifyingly fast down the slopes of the Swiss Alps.

Just Keeping Spit Off The Cake

Brown spent his lunch hour the day after the party shopping for small plastic kazoo-like toys.


Shoe Biz Finds Its Footing

So far, Stikii Shoes — the name refers to colorful patches and emblems that children can stick on the shoes — is in its infancy.


Inventors Gone Mad

Mad Scientists features amateur inventors, weekend scientists and eccentric engineers who make outrageous “toys” out of everyday products, according to a news release.


World’s Largest Shopping Mall is Empty

When the New South China Mall opened to great fanfare in 2006, it immediately became the world’s largest shopping centre by floor space, knocking the West Edmonton Mall into second place.

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