Inventor’s Greatest Creation: The Flak Jacket

In 1978, Byron Donzis walked into a Houston hospital looking for Dan Pastorini, the Houston Oilers’ prized quarterback who was laid up with three broken ribs from a recent game.


Inventor Creates New Drywall Cutting Tool

Adam Pauze is one of those people.


Turning Service Into A Career: Innova Dynamics

For Alex Mittal, inspiration hit while doing the heavy lifting portion of giving back, building a water system in Honduras on an Engineers without Boarders trip in 2005.


Recycling Gold?

Each year, ARA buys tons of scrap gold and silver from jewelers, pawn brokers or “cash-for-gold”


The Material Girl Who Sells Fabric

“Sewing was my hobby,” Michelle says.


From Comedy To Diaper Bags For Mompreneur

Leslie Newton utilized her experience as a frustrated actor writing and performing sketch comedy and improv at the renowned Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles to help her through the challenge of entering the extremely competitive world of fashion with absolutely no experience.


How One Garage Inventor Brought Us Into The Digital Age

Tom Brown and his partner, Page Burr, really did start their company in Brown’s 600-square-foot garage in 1956.


A Tongue Cleaner into Wal-Mart, Via YouTube

On Tuesday, Provo, Utah-based Orabrush Inc.

Niche Biz: Bouncin’ Bus

With 15 years of gymnastics experience, both as a participant and coach, Karas looked for a way that she could develop a business that helped her use her talents.

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