How One Garage Inventor Brought Us Into The Digital Age

Tom Brown and his partner, Page Burr, really did start their company in Brown’s 600-square-foot garage in 1956.


A Tongue Cleaner into Wal-Mart, Via YouTube

On Tuesday, Provo, Utah-based Orabrush Inc.

Niche Biz: Bouncin’ Bus

With 15 years of gymnastics experience, both as a participant and coach, Karas looked for a way that she could develop a business that helped her use her talents.


The Six Year Old Candy Entrperneur

She is now celebrating the launch of her third shop called ‘Mollie’s’ in the Welsh market town of Welshpool.


Fruitfull Frozen Fruit Bars

The next time you feel like running out to buy some ice cream, Fruitfull® might change your mind.


Measuring Roofs Without A Ladder or a Tape Measure

In 2006, roofing salesman David Carlson [no relation to Dane Carlson] vented to his brother-in-law about his frustrations from climbing onto rooftops and manually measuring to give estimates on repair work.


Business Offers Golden Opportunity

When the decision is made to sell some gold jewelry, there’s no shortage of businesses willing to buy it.


Niche Biz: DaddyScrubs

Robert Nickell’s idea for DaddyScrubs came to him when his wife was busy picking out her hospital gown for the labor and delivery of their son.


Radio’s Not Dead, Just Evolving

His company creates radio programming to sell advertising to, or insert product placement within each show- such as a one-minute segment on cooking, or automobile maintenance that promotes branded related products and services.

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