Writing a Book, Live

Silvia Hartmann’s Naked Writer Project allows fans to read her latest fantasy fiction book, The Dragon Lords, as it is being written in real-time.

Execution is Key

Ideas are a dime a dozen.


Thanks Capitalism

Thanks to capitalism, all of these things now fit in your pocket.

Soon We’ll Burn Fat Instead of Storing It

A new study reveals the key element related to the activation of brown adipocytes.

10% of all Photos

Ten percent of all of the photographs made in the entire history of photography were made last year — an astounding figure.


What Type of POS Hardware Bundle Does Your Retail Business Need?

A retail point of sale (POS) system is not monolithic and unchanging.


Has Green Energy Peaked?

Is green energy a fad that has run its course?


Consumers Take Free Shipping for Granted

According to a ComScore report released today, nearly half of those orders included free shipping, at 47% versus 53% for Q’1 ’11, 49% versus 51% in Q’4 10 (the holiday season) and 41% versus 59% in Q3 ’10.


Don’t Live in the Real World

“That would never work in the real world.” You hear it all the time when you tell people about a fresh idea.


Reuse and Recycle: How Architecture is Leading the Way

Every industry is finding ways to work around the economic downturn at the moment, and for some the limitations of budget have produced some of the most creative modern work out there.

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