Crazy Money Making Idea: Walking Advertisement

Dan Strong owns a business called StripWalker, which sounds dirty but isn’t.

Camp Nectar: Growing Package-Shaped Fruit

The marketing company spent two years researching potential methods for creating a piece of fruit that mimicked the box shape of Camp’s juice cartons and eventually developed a mold that could be fitted around a piece of fruit as it began to ripen on its tree.

Pulling The Cheese

Ever wonder how even mediocre-tasting pizza can look delectably mouth-watering in commercials?


Advertising on Online Maps

Advertisers are slowly discovering the potential of Google Maps, and some, like the Target store above (more at Google Sightseeing), are even enjoying some unexpected windfall.


Could School Bus Ads Save School Budgets?

School districts say it’s practically free money, and advertisers love the captive audience that school buses provide.


Radio’s Not Dead, Just Evolving

His company creates radio programming to sell advertising to, or insert product placement within each show- such as a one-minute segment on cooking, or automobile maintenance that promotes branded related products and services.


What Money Can Buy: Sponsorships Everywhere

Poring through Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel’s new book, What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets, I found myself over and over again turning pages and saying, “I had no idea.”

Banner Ads are Slowly Going to Go Away

Even if you’re not familiar with the terms, chances are that you’ve seen direct and conversational media in use.


Old Television Commercials

AdViews is a digital archive of thousands of vintage television commercials dating from the 1950s to the 1980s.


Awesome Ads

With the rapid development of media and promotion, advertising is almost impossible to avoid.