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Kelly doesn’t have to worry about the time it takes to get to work.

‘Speed Dating’ For Small Bizs

According to The Wall Street Journal, thirty minutes may not seem like a lot of time to get professional input.


The Long-Term Unemployed

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During the past couple of years as we have tried to fight our way through the recession, we have all been aware of the unemployment sky rocketing.


Revved Up Complaints

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At some point in our life we have all had to call a customer service line for one reason or another.


Startup Costs For A Virtual Assistant

Now, if you think the above is over the top or out of your reach consider that setting up a business as a Virtual Assistant is considerably cheaper than it would be for many industries.


Why Do Your Competitors Have More Business Then You?

They don’t keep comparing themselves to others but hold themselves accountable for their actions, choices in products and people they employ.


What Small Businesses Really Need

The problem, the report suggests, is that small businesses need customers and sales more than anything.


Mistakes Commonly Made In Measuring Social Media ROI

The reason why you first embarked on this journey is because you think it will benefit your business and bring you returns.


Summer Sanity Tips For Work From Home Moms

Focus on Your Priorities – Since you can’t do it all it’s important to have real clarity about which projects you’re going to focus on, so your work is streamlined.