Hands-On Garage: A Do-It-Yourself Garage

Fleet Crew Members are independent mechanics using the Hands-On Garage facility as their base of operations.


Forget Electric Cars, Electric Roads Are Coming

Electric vehicles, or EVs, could pick up small amounts of electricity as they drive over charging pads buried under the asphalt and connected to the electrical grid.


Buried in Style: Cruisin Caskets

Cruisin Caskets is a casket fabricating company that creates custom car designs for the car lover that wants to leave this world in style.


How to Make Money From Distracted Driving

Software entrepreneur Matthew Howard started ZoomSafer after a texting-related mishap caused him to knock a 9-year-old boy off his bike.


The Hot New Car Is Your Old Car

For decades, Ashley Fletcher ditched his cars after they reached 50,000 miles.


Peer to Peer Car Repair

YourMechanic, a peer-to-peer car repair marketplace that enables mechanics to fix users’ cars at their home or office, launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF today.


Automatic Streetlamps

In a huge city, lighting the streets is a necessary but pricey precaution.


Govt Regulation Roadblocks Driverless Car

The benefits of driverless cars are potentially significant.

Video: How They Built the Model-T Ford

The Model T Ford single-handedly brought us from a horse and buggy era to one where we had machine running on gasoline engines.


Video: Inside Google’s Auto-Driving Car

Not content with just dominating the Internet, the search engine company Google has begun work on a car that drives itself.

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