Top 30 Blogs for Business Ideas

Hi Dane, can you recommend a few other blogs about business ideas that I should read?

Other Business Blogs?

Dane, can you recommend any other good blogs to read?


Use Your Blog To Reach Customers

Swanson, who operates Lemon Tree Photographers with her husband out of their Fond du Lac home, uses her blog to post photos and provide information for customers.


The Hacker & Homemaker

Meet Silicon Valley’s version of Martha Stewart.


Philadelphia Wants $300+ From Bloggers

The city of Philadelphia’s Business Tax Privilege requires residents to pay a privilege license for a one-time fee of $300, or $50 annually, in addition to a percentage of gross receipts and/or taxable net income, depending on the nature of the business.


How To Win Over Your Bloggers

Open Forum:

There are 130 million blogs on the Internet (according to Technorati), and 350 million people reading blogs daily (according to Comscore).


Mom’s Multi-Pronged Home Business

Home is where Nici Holt Cline nourishes her heart and her business, both of which seamlessly commingle in her busy life as a mother, entrepreneur, writer, designer of kids’ clothing and gardener.


What Blogs Should You Read?

It’s not easy to know what is worth reading in social media these days.


Promoting Your Blog On Television

Google TV is part of Google AdWords, and it works much the same way.


Saving The World, One Mommy Blog At A Time

And blogs aren’t just offering advice on which bottles or diapers to use…moms are making money.