Identifying A Good Biz Idea

Next time you hear people complain about something, ask yourself if you can provide a solution to that challenge.

10 Golden Lessons from Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was an amazing physicist.


Salesman Finds Niche With Wizard Wall

According to The Washington Post, Mike Fogarty has been working in the printing industry for the last 25 years or so, mainly selling paper.


Brainstorm Ideas With Idea Generator

Developed by creative consultancy The Director’s Bureau, The Idea Generator uses randomly-displayed words to help you generate ideas for your next creative project.

Is Your Great Idea A Real Biz?

A primary one: Does this fill a void?


Brainstorming Might Hinder Great Ideas

In a paper called “Idea Generation and the Quality of the Best Idea,” Christian Terwiesch and Karl Ulrich, along with co-author Karan Girotra, professor of technology and operations management at INSEAD, suggest that corporate brainstorming is the enemy of innovation–whether that be the development of a life-changing commercial product, a new methodology that saves the company tons of money or a marketing plan that promises to draw in new clients from every conceivable demographic profile.


Idea Tool: Edistorm.com

Such a process is made very simple by the use of colored sticky notes, and the presence of a series of “idea bots” make everything flow along more organically.


Which Way Does Your Banana Bend?

Now turn it over, you should find that it now bends in the opposite direction.


The Marshmallow Challenge

What Tom Wujec discovered is that this simple game revealed some fascinating insights into how groups collaborate.


How To Stimulate The Economy Using Your Brain

photo credit: L_Family

With the current economic situation, many business owners are taking it upon themselves to publicly complain about how the stimulus money is being spent, complaining about how some companies are getting stimulus money when they don’t deserve it.