Virtual Event Cameras

If you’ve ever missed an event that you really wanted to attend but it was too far away or didn’t fit in your schedule, you’ll love this business idea by Deer Park resident Chris Watt.


Black Ops Plastic

Qwonn is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of covert CCD camera technology.


Soloshot: Film Yourself Automatically

Soloshot works by keeping your camera pointed at an armband you wear while you are having fun.

iPhone Widget Changes The Way We Take Self-Portraits

The concept for the eyeCLICK remote control device came to Wu after listening to an Apple keynote address, when the company announced the iPhone had become the most used camera in the world.


I’m Watching You!

Kalal’s Predator smart camera is programmed with a learning strategy that enables it to automatically detect its own tracking failures, and therefore get better and better at tracking its object of choice.


Ol’ Blue ‘Eye’?

The device fits comfortably over the ear, the company says, and points wherever the wearer looks.