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The Magnet That Could Lower Energy Costs

According to Umer Farooq, an inventor and author of ‘Limitlessness’, the invention of the super efficient permanent magnet, if scientifically explored, can rid the entire world of high cost of energy.

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Encapsulating Your Car

The CarCapsule is a vinyl bubble that seals your vehicle completely away from dust, dirt, condensation, and other elements.

The City Car Of The Future

The cars, which are smaller than Smart Cars, are battery-electric, so they don’t cause tailpipe emissions.

How Will Driverless Cars Change Our Cities

“Most automakers are competing to introduce their own driverless cars to the public, and are doing so piecemeal, system by system.


Niche Real Estate: Parking Spaces

The hottest properties in [Hong Kong] have no walls, windows or even front doors.


Crazy Idea: Form Corporations To Ride in Carpool Lanes

When Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, Calif., was pulled over for driving alone in the carpool lane, he argued to the officer that, actually, he did have a passenger.


Smart Speed Bumps

Decano Industries’ smart speed bump is so intuitive, it’s difficult to figure out why no one invented it before.


User to User Car Rentals

FlightCar aims to put vehicles left in airport parking lots to use by offering them up for short-term loans.


Inventions We’ll Probably Never See: Water-Powered Vehicles

Despite how silly it sounds, water-fueled vehicles do exist.

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