Looking for Cheaper Medicine, He Found a Biz Idea

They say there are markets for everything, but health care has historically been a tough one to navigate.


Trade in Your Cellphone at a Vending Machine

ecoATM, a firm based in San Diego, thinks it has created.


Cell Phones Quickly Revolutionizing Retail

The retail industry is experiencing a revolution on a par with the introduction of plastic payments in the 1950s or the launch of the internet and e-commerce in the early 1990s.

Everpurse: It’s A Purse And Charger

Smartphone owners have plenty of on-the-go charging options, from USB sticks to solar-powered backpacks.


Waterproof Your Cell Phone, No Case Required

Liquipel covers devices inside and out with a transparent coating thinner than a human hair that causes water to bead right off their previously moisture-sensitive elements.


Lockitron: Control Your Door With Your Cellphone

The Lockitron is a smart controller that allows you to lock or unlock your door with your phone.


Scan Your Food With Your Cell

Have you ever been tempted to order steak tartare but decided against it for fear of getting sick?


Virtual Shopping in Real World Places

In South Korea, a supermarket chain is experimenting with a new system that let’s commuters shop from subway stations with the cellphones.

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