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The Invention of the Broom

Modern broom-making truly began, however, with the rise in cultivation of a previously underappreciated crop that would soon be called “broomcorn.” A species of tasseled grass (sorghum vulgare) that somewhat resembles the sweet corn plant, broomcorn’s seeds and fibers had previously been used for animal feed and not much else.

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Steam Cleaning Trash Cans

Emily Wiewiorka, the company founder and president, said the business is going well and expanding as she finds new uses for her system.


Vacuum + Trash Can = Cuum

The Cumm, from designers Jun-se Kim, Yonggu Do & Eunha Seo is a prototype design for a trash can on top of a vacuum cleaner.


Love Bug Protection For Cars

“The Love Bug Solution™ is chemically engineered to be applied wet and when dry it provides a cellophane-like barrier, literally a shield that protects your investment from Love Bugs,” said Sam Yates, The Love Bug Solution™ spokesperson.


Pool Cleaning Biz Booming

In some areas, foreclosed homes with pools have become a source of potential new revenue for cleaners.


Far Too Many Inappropriate Puns Come to Mind

There are plenty of services available to help you clean your house, but this cleaning service offers a reason for the homeowner to stay and watch.


Starting a Cleaning Business?

What do you think about starting a house cleaning business?


Smelling An Opportunity

Undeterred, Procter & Gamble is taking a shot at it, again.

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