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ReInventing Boxer Shorts

According to the inventor, there have been no significant improvements in fly manufacturing in 80 years.

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Crooked Monkey: T-Shirts For A Laugh

Weinblatt and a friend launched Crooked Monkey at a bar near the University of Maryland, where he was a political science student.


SoftWear Automation: Clothes That Sew Themselves

Usually the Pentagon’s far-out researchers are more concerned with four-legged robots and preventing pandemics than with the contents of a soldier’s closet.


Mom’s Shirt Business Raises Awareness For Multiple Sclerosis

Eva & Estela Wear Ur Love is the entrepreneurial endeavor of Kristen Sitarski-Munoz of Williamstown, NJ.


Buy Your Dream Business Now: An Australian Boutique

A Sheila’s dream, this established Aussie retail boutique right outside of Melbourne’s business district is looking for a new owner.


Wound Detecting Army Uniforms

For the human soldiers who have yet to get replaced by robots, the solicitations describe a new era of smart uniforms that monitor the health of the wearer.


Underwear For The Homeless

It sounds like the setup to a bad joke: Two men drive a truck crammed full of skivvies across the country.


Former Olympians Turned Entrepreneurs: Kristi Yamaguchi

Ice skater Kristi Yamaguchi won the hearts of Americans during the 1992 Winter Olympics in Alberta, Canada.


R2D2 Bathing Suits: They Sold it First and Negotiated the Rights Later.

When production of the $90 swimsuits stopped, the Artoo and Threepio suits soon became collectors’ items, fetching about $600 each on eBay.


Entrepreneur Finds Her Place In Clothes

Anna Heard opened the stylish clothing store in 1995 to offer dressy church wear.

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