Boot Camps For Entrepreneurs

By providing a framework to learn about running a business, a boot camp can make you accountable for tasks you should be doing anyway.


A Virtual Happiness Coach

HappinessCanHelp.com is where you go when you want to find happiness in your life; whether you want happiness in one particular situation or your overall life.


Coach Fields New Career As Inventor

She devised the Sport SignalFan.


Niche Biz: INeedAPencil.com

It’s not just a gimmick — a random sampling of the site’s users showed an average improvement of 202 points on their SAT scores.


Mom Coach, Author Helps Other Moms Live Balanced Lives

When mom coach Lori Radun spoke to the Mothers of Preschoolers group in Aurora recently, she talked about the eight essential ingredients of having a “momnificent” life.


Why Your Business Needs A Coach

If you haven’t yet hired a coach or didn’t have a good experience with one, my hope is that the following will encourage you to consider why a coach would be beneficial to you and your business.


Managing in 15 minutes

Don’t get trapped into thinking that leadership is an extra 50% commitment on top of your day job.


Making It In The Big Leagues

Paige Bishop, inventor of a training device for pitchers, has managed to get his creation in the door of Major League Baseball.



With the slogan, “Coaching.

Entrepreneur Creates Own Niche

When business consultant Karyn Pettigrew, 44, left corporate America in 1992, she thought she would open a holistic wellness center.

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