Making Ads That Whisper To The Brain

In other words, this is your brain on ads.


Got Junk Mail?

Via: Daily Infographic

Highlights: Consumer Electronics Show

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is more about incremental upgrades than massive breakthroughs.


Holiday Spending To Be ‘Highest On Record’

For the months of November and December combined, ComScore is forecasting $32.4 billion in online spending.


Comeback: Plastic Shoemaker Back From Dead

When it went public four years ago, Crocs offered just nine models of shoes.


Is The Stock-Up Era Over?

Retailers are altering their manufacturing and merchandising strategies in response, The Wall Street Journal reports today.


Companies Quit Printing White-Pages Phone Books

Telephone companies argue that most consumers now check the Internet rather than flip through pages when they want to reach out and touch someone.


“The New York Times” To Launch Bestseller Lists For E-Books

The addition of two new lists for e-books points to the growing importance of the medium to the industry — and underlines the fact that what may be selling best in hardback or paperback may not be what’s selling best in electronic format.


People Will Pay 50% More For Items They Can Touch

The group, led by professor Antonio Rangel and grad student Benjamin Bushong, studied the reactions of customers to text descriptions of an item vs.

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