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Do Students Own Rights To Homework, Notes?

The site, NoteUtopia.com, which was launched in August, is intended to function as an online community, a place to network, discuss courses and rate professors.

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January 1, 2011 Is Public Domain Day

This coming January 1, Europeans will see a nice list of great works entering the public domain as their copyright terms expire.


Become An Intellectual Property Donor

Artist Evan Roth has a radical idea to help let our ideas live long after we die.


Public Domain? There’s A Mark For That

The mark – the letter C that’s associated with the symbol for copyright, but with a slash through it – is meant to make it clear that the material is free to reuse.


EFF Sues Newspaper Chain’s Copyright Troll

Law firm Righthaven was formed earlier this year for the sole purpose of suing for copyright infringement.


Copycats Can Steal Your Biz Idea

There’s a slew of Snuggie-esque stories in the business world.


Did You Hear The One About The Comedian And The Copyright Law?

For comedians, ripping off a joke is a major sin, but such cases almost never end up in court.


Now Legal: Jailbreaking Your iPhone and Ripping DVDs

Defeating a lawfully obtained DVD’s encryption for the sole purpose of short, fair use in an educational setting or for criticism Computer programs that allow you to run lawfully obtained software on your phone that you otherwise would not be able to run aka Jailbreaking to use Google Voice on your iPhone Computer programs that allow you to use your phone on a different network aka Jailbreaking to use your iPhone on T-Mobile Circumventing video game encryption (DRM) for the purposes of legitimate security testing or investigation Cracking computer programs protected by dongles when the dongles become obsolete or are no longer being manufactured Having an ebook be read aloud (ie for the blind) even if that book has controls built into it to prevent that sort of thing.


Copyright Trolling

We believe it’s the best solution out there,” Steve Gibson, Righthaven CEO says.


Ray Charles’ Copyrights A Lucrative Biz

Since the release of the “Ray” biopic, Tony Gumina, president of the Ray Charles Marketing Group says that synchronization of Charles songs has proven lucrative.

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