The Surgeon Who Makes Cigar Box Guitars

A patient with a sinus infection introduced him to the instrument during his residency at the University of Alabama Birmingham about 11 years ago and gave him his cigar box guitar.


Parking With Your Tastebuds

Brazilian company GrupoFourMidia is now including a variety of tastes and smells on parking tickets across the country.

Inflatable Jacket Launched on Kickstarter

Klymit, the Utah company known for creating NobleTek™ argon gas insulation for outdoor gear and apparel, has launched a Kickstarter project as a potential funding source for the production of the Klymit Ulaar Jacket.


Strapless iPod Nano Watch

And, on first glance, the idea of iPod magically attached to your wrist as if it’s being held by magnets may sound sleek.


Stressed Over Social Media? There’s An App For That

The software, Social Break, automatically sends random updates to users’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


Business Gets Upcycled

“At one point I just decided to quit saying ‘that’s a good idea, maybe I’ll do it some day and I just said, ‘okay lets do it.’”

He saw a community with a passion but no way to feed that passion.