Cool Logos With Hidden Symbols

Did you know that some companies have symbols hidden inside their logos?


Saying You Care With Keepsake Pillows

Keepsake Pillows is a Mother/Daughter (Elizabeth/Alicia – aliz) start-up business that combines the Computer and Crafting Worlds to create a Keepsake Pillow – “A Soft Reminder of the One You Love’.


Man Builds Model Cars From Discarded Cans

While finishing a canned beverage he thought of model airplanes he’d seen made from cans and thought why not make cars out of the same material?


Niche: Metal Art

Some sales are to individuals, but a significant chunk of the business involves corporate sales.


Entrepreneur Creates Spill-Resistant Martini Glasses

Thanks to James Bond and Sex and the City, the martini glass is a chic pop- culture symbol.

That’s Called ChalkBot

Nope, they’re not paint–they’re made of chalk, and they’re sprayed on the road surface by ChalkBot, a massive trailer-mounted inkjet printer sponsored by Nike and the Livestrong foundation.


Change Your Frames With Your Mood

The business [taught] me to how to deal with suppliers (ensure quality on products), distributors (how to maximize their profit), and customers (maximize customer satisfaction).


Time Warp Advertisments

In an alternate universe, it’s 1960 and the Internet is ALREADY here.


Corny Idea Draws Interest

Camouflage-clad Mark Andersen was hunting ducks and Canada geese near Pierre, S.D.

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