Salesman Finds Niche With Wizard Wall

According to The Washington Post, Mike Fogarty has been working in the printing industry for the last 25 years or so, mainly selling paper.


Best Hamster Wheel Sand Printer

This weird printer of a wheel made by Zanadesign, a Spanish design consultancy specialised in conceptual design –and of non organic materials so it doesn’t have impact to the beach and heavy enough to be used by a child but not pushed by the wind- is actually being used to spread the message of the commemoration of the first constitution of Spain in 1812 proof of peace, freedom and democracy.


Citizen Journalism: NewsIt

Journalist Melinda Wittstock, harnessing both crowdsourcing and gamification, hopes to create a flourishing source of citizen journalism with her new reporting platform NewsiT .

Million-Dollar Online Empire Built On The Absurd

Ben Huh has built a million-dollar online empire on the absurd – will it last?


That’s My Business!: Deskelf.com

In this edition of That’s My Business!


New Seed Fund Offers Startups Up To $10,000

The Crowdflower Fund, a $250,000 platform micro-fund, will offer investments in up to 10 companies for a one percent stake.


Using A Virtual Assistant For Your Startup

Noting that friends and family are unlikely to be objective when assessing whether or not your idea is viable, she spent $28 on the Amazon service in order to poll 200 people on her concept.

Inventor’s Journal: Jeff Scholen

In this episode, Rich Whittle talks with Jeff Scholen about how he got his simple idea made into a money-making product with the help of Quirky.com.


Looking For Inventors

This contest is looking for a product with a spark of inventive genius, a flash of innovation and something that makes us say, Aha!

Crowdsourcing Products

Quirky.com takes users’ ideas and turns them into actual products – with improvements made by other site members.