Being Safe Online

No matter how you choose to protect your computer, Verizon’s in-house security expert said, “An organization needs to address their IT security throughout their company at every layer.

Make The Most Of Running Your Family Business

Open Forum:

When done well, a lasting family business can be a great experience.


What Blogs Should You Read?

It’s not easy to know what is worth reading in social media these days.


Working From Home Is Not Easy

Building an effective home office can be especially difficult for people with children, but it is not impossible.


Where To Find Money For Your Start-up

OpenForum.com: Research shows that over 90 percent of new ventures start with whatever money entrepreneurs can scrounge from personal resources.


Keeping Your Personal And Business Finances Separate

 Make it official
Consider establishing a limited liability company (LLC) or an S Corp for your business.


Business Advice From Van Halen

Your source of data doesn’t need to be high tech.


Got A Decision To Make? Get Some Sugar In Your System

The study participants responded to half the questions on an empty stomach and the other half after consuming a caffeine-free soda sweetened either with sugar or the artificial sweetener aspartame.


The Right Way To Let An Employee Go

At one time or another, as a business owner you’ll probably have to deal with a problem employee who under performs or violates one of the rules you’ve outlined in your employee handbook.


Who Should You Listen To?

Just for a second, think about the influence, buying power, network and track record of the people you listen to the most.