Soon You’ll Be Able to Swap Digitial Goods

In late January, Amazon received a patent to set up an exchange for all sorts of digital material.


Book Review: Microbusiness Independence

My husband and I wrote Microbusiness Independence as a team — I did a lot of the writing, but he was the one who thought the book was worth putting together.


The Death of the Printed Book

Amazon has announced that it now sells more Kindle ebooks than all print books – that’s hardcover and paperback combined – through the site.


E-Book Author Makes His Business Helping Others Start Theirs

Headstart Publishing provides a series of start-up guides to help readers start their own small, home-based business, as well as over 250 free articles at our web site to help those who are exploring a specific business or want to learn more about how to improve an existing one.


Millions from eBooks!

If you’re an indie writer, you get to sell books at a price way, way lower than what a Traditional Publisher can sell at.


Market Your eBook Successfully

Create an ebook blog.


Ebooks from Your Real Books for $1

The physical to digital conversion of books just got a lot cheaper with the launch of, based in San Jose, California.


eBook Sales Soar After Christmas

E-book versions of the top six books outsold the print versions last week.


E-Book Trends That Will Change Publishing

From the front lines of the e-book revolution, here are five trends Philip Ruppel, president of McGraw-Hill Professional, is watching.

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