Hi! I'm Dane Carlson, and welcome to the Business Opportunities Weblog. I've been publishing this website, by myself, and sometimes with the help of others for over twelve years now. You'll notice two things about this site right away:

  • We have tons of content. In fact, since November 2011, I've published more than 26,000 posts on thousands of different business ideas and opportunities.
  • We don't sell much advertising. In late 2013, I realized that by selling advertising, what I was really selling was my readers. In 2014, I've already radically cut down on the number of ads and will hopefully keep cutting.


Chief Parenting

Chief Parenting is a movement dedicated to providing America’s youth with solid foundations of free enterprise-based business and socially-conscience leadership education, fostering their personal and professional career success.

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Do You Need A College Degree?

A number of people might argue that a college education isn’t necessary, but I think it is important to get a college degree before becoming an entrepreneur.


Home College: an Idea Whose Time Has Come?

I don’t think I am overstating the qualifications of many of my fellow academics in the humanities to say that any one of them could provide, singlehandedly, a first-rate first-year college education in the liberal arts.


Fat Brain Coffee: A Children’s Business Cirriculum

FatBrain Coffee is a children’s homeschool business curriculum that teaches children basic business skills.


Making Money with iOS Education Apps

In the span of 2 years an independent developer earned nearly $700,000 in profit from educational apps.


His Dad Gave Him a Soda Machine Instead of An Allowance

After a brief, failed experiment paying me to do chores, my dad tried something really neat.


Niche Biz: Online Education Outsourcing

WeTakeYourClass.com is a site dedicated to helping students with online classes.


School Of Music

SchoolOfMusic.com recruits music teachers and then provides music lessons in students' homes, teachers' home studios, and after school programs. Their bizop is a must see!


A College Degree In Multi-Level Marketing

For those who don’t know about network, or “multilevel” marketing, it’s a business structure in which salespeople are compensated partly based on how many other salespeople they can recruit.

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