The Pocket Socket Hand Crank Charger

Bike and/or solar power may not be the best ways to charge up during cold, dark nights.


Compact Hydropower Generator for Rivers and Streams

“This machine uses a special housing called a diffuser.


Shoes That Capture Electricity

Humans are not very efficient.


Creating Electricity With Bicycle Power

[Interview : Moon Jang-man, Inventor ] “The generator is attached to the bicycle so that electricity is created when you push the pedals.”

Three years ago, Moon Jang-man was working out of the back of a truck.


EV Station Owners Becoming Entrepreneurs

It’s an easy way for EV owners to make some cash off their home charging setup, or for businesses to install public charging stations in their parking lots.


Powering Your Home With Your Car

In the future, when the power goes out at home, you won’t have to sit in the dark; you’ll just plug in your car.

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