Unplugged And Electric

“There’s one bench that has three bikes mounted to it,” he explained, “and three people sit on it and pedal.


Niche Biz: Electronics Charging Kiosk

His winning idea is to put cellphone-charging kiosks at malls, airports, grocery stores and other sites where people are in a hurry.


The Flash Drive For Movies

He’s just launched a company, FlixChip Corp., that aims to put movies on a flash-drive-like device that plugs directly into tablets, phones, laptops and other mobile products so consumers can play films wherever they go.


The 10 Best Digital Business Opportunities of the Last Decade

The following is a guest post by Alex Hodson.


Extended Battery Life For Wi-Fi Devices

The invention by Manweiler is primarily based on how the battery life of Wi-Fi enabled devices, like laptops and smartphones, heavily depends upon the number of other Wi Fi enabled devices present in the near vicinity.


Ad Supported Kindle: What’s Next? Free?

Amazon has just released a new advertising supported Kindle for $114.


Recycling Electronic Waste

She was tuned into a special about how the U.S.

Highlights: Consumer Electronics Show

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is more about incremental upgrades than massive breakthroughs.


First Care For Electronics, Jewelry

It’s ideal for carrying your mobile phone, camera, ipods, earphone, watches even your precious jewelery.


A Safer Outlet Plug-in Adapter

The Hug-A-Plug, a new dual-plug grounded electrical outlet adapter that lets plugs lie almost flush with the wall, was introduced in March.

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