Box Bikes Become Car Alternative

Wacky-looking box bikes, with room for the kids, groceries and laundry, are proving a wheel hit with families eager for a healthy alternative to the car.

One Spark Of An Idea

Every so often an idea comes along that stops you in your tracks.

How They Made That Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Ad

It’s always fun to take a peek at how they make the commercials we see on TV and the Internet.

Inventor’s Journal: Jim Atkinson

In this episode, Rich Whittle talks with Jim Atkinson about how to save money heating your home with the DryerNet, dryer vent filter.


Electrifying The Fishing Boat Biz

Frank Jones has wagered $500,000 that they are.


Invention Allows You To Insert Batteries Any Way You Like

The smart design uses contacts in the gadget that allow for either + or – to make contact with them.


Florida Tests Inventors’ Sand-Cleaning Ideas

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection organized a demonstration by 10 U.S.



The company is also developing software to help other contractors record, track, and report data on energy savings for clients.


Green Depot

The formula is paying off for the 38-person business, despite the downturn in construction and housing: Beatty says revenue was up 250 percent year-on-year.

Green Biz: Re:char

His company designs and builds equipment to make biochar—a type of charcoal that retains moisture in soil—and so far has sold a machine to a group of oil and gas investors in Houston.