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  • We have tons of content. In fact, since November 2011, I've published more than 26,000 posts on thousands of different business ideas and opportunities.
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2013: Profiting from Incandescents

ncandescent light bulbs are another step closer to lights out.  January 1, 2013 begins the second phase to rid the U.S.

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Inventor Awarded For Sea Snake

Yemm invented the so-called “sea snake” while working on his doctoral degree at the University of Edinburgh.


Inventions We’ll Probably Never See: Free Energy

Nikola Tesla was more than just the inspiration for a hair metal band, he was also an undisputed genius.


Has Green Energy Peaked?

Is green energy a fad that has run its course?


Slow Cow: The Opposite of an Energy Drink

The opposite of an energy drink, Slow Cow is a “relaxation beverage”


The Magnet That Could Lower Energy Costs

According to Umer Farooq, an inventor and author of ‘Limitlessness’, the invention of the super efficient permanent magnet, if scientifically explored, can rid the entire world of high cost of energy.


Super Soaker Inventor Takes Aim At Solar Power

Johnson’s latest JTEC prototype, which looks like a desktop model for a next-generation moonshine still, features two fuel-cell-like stacks, or chambers, filled with hydrogen gas and connected by steel tubes with round pressure gauges.


We Are Almost Energy Independent

New drilling techniques unlocked vast reserves unreachable just a few years ago.


Sugar Batteries: Coming Soon

Lithium, the element that is often used as a medication to battle bi-polar disorder and to power most laptop and phone batteries, is not the most ubiquitous element on the planet.

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