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The Man Who Makes Money Off Earthquakes

The QuakeGuard system on which SWS was founded differs from other earthquake detection technologies because it provides the user with a different kind of information, Dickson said.

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Inventor or Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur may also happen to be an inventor, or he or she may borrow something from working elsewhere, make a slight tweak to an existing product, or just change the way something is distributed.


Infographic: The Evolution of the Entrepreneur

When we hear the word “entrepreneur,” we tend to conjure up images of tech magnates or other computer-based startup business owners.


City Puts The Brakes On Falafel Truck

Her truck, a 1986 model she calls “Spartacus,” has a full kitchen on board, and it’s clean and well-kept.


Budding Business Leaders

Bowman is now the CEO and founder of the Durham-based technology company Appia that builds online storefronts where businesses can sell mobile phone applications.


Niche Biz: Backyard Cat Boarding

“It took him a year to build and I gave my boss one year’s notice but I wasn’t sure if he believed me so I kept reminding him ever few months,” Mrs Griffiths said.


Young Entrepreneur Knits Her Path To Europe

The Coulee Montessori eighth-grader is hoping the knitted hats, scarves, footbags and iPod holders she’s selling through Coulee Arts Marketplace will give her a good jump start on the travel kitty.


Opportunitity Is In The ‘Contact’ Of The Beholder

He concluded there was no good reason for contacts to run $20 a box or more, other than pure profit for the handful of manufacturers that control the market.


Boot Camps For Entrepreneurs

By providing a framework to learn about running a business, a boot camp can make you accountable for tasks you should be doing anyway.

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