Music Lessons From Afar

The first note of Ray Foulkes’ weekly piano lesson is the staccato double ring of his telephone.


Decluttering Your Home, In The Form Of A Diet

Over many years of working with clients, my team and I found ourselves constantly referring to diet metaphors during our work.


Instantly Adjust Your Jeans Using A Simple Button

Instant Button® is the original patent pending removable and reusable button that allows you to add or reduce your jeans and pants size instantly for that tailored fit, without requiring a belt or an alteration.


How to Shoot a Bullet Through Your Startup

Are you thinking about starting a company in the web space?


Niche Biz: Rylaxing

The son of an interior designer, he set out to optimize that space.


Wrist Bands Maintain Hand Warmth Using Body Heat

HeatBands™ are an innovative new type of handwarmer originally designed for Raynaud’s sufferers, they are very thin, ultra light and unobtrusive they are worn around the wrist to leave the hands and fingers free and warm.


The Unconventional Barber: Gap Analysis on Customers

The following is an excerpt from The Entrepreneur’s Manual, by Richard White and published in 1977.


Mail That Caters To Kids With A Side Of Education

Sher-Lee's kids were intrigued by the idea of receiving mail but, unfortunately, they almost never received any. Inspired by their interest, Sherri-Lee formulated a business that would deliver postcards to those kids who loved to receive mail.


How Gorgeous Is Your Garage?

I always have a need for order.


Nine Types of Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are supposed to be outgoing, risk-taking workaholics.

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