Kidworth: Teaching Kids Business

A Los Angeles-based company called Kidworth is focused on doing just that—exposing young people to the business world by introducing them to how the startup game is played in the hope of creating young entrepreneurs with the basic skills to turn their creativity into a business.

The Truth About Working For Yourself

The following is a guest post by Amy Knapp.


The Entepreneurial Dream: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

But are young people interested in starting their businesses for the right reasons—or the wrong ones?


China: The Young Reluctant To Go Into Business

The commercial success of many high-profile Chinese entrepreneurs appears to have done little to encourage young Chinese college graduates to become their own boss.


Entrepreneurship: It’s Not About the Cupcakes

Being an entrepreneur is almost never about the business you’re in.


The Time Is Right For Indian Women In Business

The finding is part of Dell Women’s Global Entrepreneurship Study conducted across 450 women entrepreneurs from US, UK and India commissioned by Dell.


Don’t Forgot Your Time!

The following is a guest post by Cristian Dorobantescu of the Small Business Entrepreneur Blog from Romania.


The Bad Economy is Creating More Entrepreneurs

The struggling economy has turned up the volume of the voice inside the heads of potential business owners that says, “What do I have to lose?”


What Makes A Mormon Entrepreneur?

Take two cups of creativity, add a cup of practical thinking and season the mix with market savvy.

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