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Exercising With a Light Saber

Stretching & Warm up We begin each class with a simple warm-up, stretching, and calisthenic exercises to get ourselves limber and prevent any injuries.

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World Adult Kickball Now Franchising

WAKA kickball is real fun for real people.


Weightlifting “Toys” for Kids

Ernest Ebio and his wife, both fitness enthusiasts who love to hike and lift weights, didn’t like leaving their 11-month-old daughter behind during their workouts.


Computer Game Meets Climbing Wall

Designed for use in public places like museums and shopping malls, DigiWall is a climbing wall with high-end surround-sound whose grips include both lights and sensors that react when they are touched.


Illuminate Gym

People are being exposed to the stereotypical “gym culture” that we want to move away from at illuminate gym because that culture is intimidating and usually alienates those who need help with their fitness the most.


How to Start A Zumba Business

What information do you have about starting a Zumba business?


Niche Biz: MtEverClimb

MtEverClimb is a revolutionary, continuous rope-climbing machine that simulates actual rope climbing, one of the oldest forms of successful physical training.


The iTreadmill

At least that’s the thrust of a patent the company applied for, which involves a “sports equipment apparatus” with smart components to let it interface with an iPod or iPhone.


Niche Biz: Bicycle Powered Television

When a bicycle is hooked up to the 123GoTV and a television it becomes a stationary exercise machine.


Niche Biz: One Good Earbud

He started selling the earbuds — which come in three different models — in March 2010 and has sold more than 1,000 of them since then.

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