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Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Snuggie representatives say that they will spend about $12 million in advertising this holiday season, significantly less than last year, because the product now retails in big-box chains.

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Silly Bandz Fad Fades

Kids move on to the next fad,” says Jim Silver, editor of TimetoPlayMag.com, a website that reviews toys for consumers.


Silly Bandz Has ‘Legs’

Mary-Kate Olsen and Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen wearing them, as have the model Agyness Deyn and her friend Henry Holland, the House of Holland designer.


Wham-O CEO Talks Toy Fads

When a toy fad goes cold, make sure you’ve already explored the next big trend, says Wham-O CEO Kyle Aguilar.

LOLCat King On What Makes Internet Culture Viral

Huh places emphasis on sharing, remixing and giving back as opposed to the top-down dictatorship of content that we typically see in mainstream mass media.


Silly Bandz Have Lots Of Fanz

The draw is a must-have bracelet.


For eBay Sellers, A Holiday Hamster Hangover

With toy store shelves and television commercials chock full of eye-popping video games and fancy tech playthings, it came as a surprise to many that some of the hottest toys this holiday season were inexpensive, relatively low-tech battery-powered hamsters imported from China called Zhu Zhu Pets, according to a story at CNet.com.


Difference Between Fad and Trend

Zhu Zhu Pets are THE toy for Christmas.

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