Students Trade Dorm for Suburban Luxury

While students at other colleges cram into shoebox-size dorm rooms, Ms.


Bake Sale Saves Home, Inspires Business

Eight months after selling enough “Mortgage Apple Cakes” to meet her house payment — and becoming a media celebrity in the process — the 56-year-old Logan is still pursuing acting.


Teacher Finds Niche Removing Junk From Foreclosures

Last summer, Jeffrey Swanson left his teaching job at Marana Middle School and quickly found a new calling: hauling other people’s junk.


Entrepreneur Goes From Buying Real Estate To Helping Others Find Affordable Bank-Owned Homes

We love deal of the day sites and have had some good success buying foreclosures.


Stopping Foreclosure On A Biz

What options you have at this point depend largely on the severity of your financial situation and how you’ve tried remedying the problem so far.


Foreclosure Cleanups Bustling

Several men wordlessly carry out furniture, broken computers and boxes of garbage from a large blue house on a quiet upstate street on a brisk autumn morning.


Americans Unload Belongings To Make Ends Meet

The for-sale listings on the online hub Craigslist come with plaintive notices, like the one from the teenager in Georgia who said her mother lost her job and pleaded, “Please buy anything you can to help out.”

Or the seller in Milwaukee who wrote in one post of needing to pay bills — and put a diamond engagement ring up for bids to do it.

For This Niche, Foreclosures A Boom

Three weeks ago, 50-year-old Mimi Norris strapped on black steel-toe boots, packed a face mask and a digital camera in her bag, and headed to work.