My Favorite Business Movie: Tucker: The Man and his Dream

History tells us that would-be automobile mogul Preston Tucker was a silver-tongued con man, who misappropriated his investors’ money and played fast and loose with ethics and legalities in the pursuit of his dream.


Cool Invention: Spoonachos!

Finally, a chip that understands a nacho-eater’s need to enjoy each and every topping without stealing all the middle chips: Spoonachos!


Fun Biz Idea: Radar Alert

I was watching the TV show Southland last night.


Ridiculous Patents

Jock Gear
Headgear combined with binoculars, a headset, and a fan.


The Playground Has Gone Indoors

In June, Christerson, along with fellow mom Carrie Kaptur, opened Imagination Station Enrichment Center.

Carpet Skate Bizop: Video

Fun Slide Skates are like sliding in socks on a hardwood floor.


Jetlev Flyer Water-Powered Jetpack

Offer access to the general public for admission fees and multi-use passes.


Why I Didn’t Think Of That

Unique products to amuse and inspire.


Cool Biz Idea: Postcarden

When you open the box, the card itself pops up into a three-dimensional architectural landscape.


Put Yourself To The Entrepreneur Test

The test covered seven key business traits, namely Self-sufficiency, Conscientiousness, Drive, Social Skills, Optimism, Risk-taking, and Networking Ability.

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