Cool Invention: Spoonachos!

Finally, a chip that understands a nacho-eater’s need to enjoy each and every topping without stealing all the middle chips: Spoonachos!


Fun Biz Idea: Radar Alert

I was watching the TV show Southland last night.


Ridiculous Patents

Jock Gear
Headgear combined with binoculars, a headset, and a fan.


He’s Making A Gouda Livin’

The sandwiches go for between $5 to $7 depending on the type of cheese and bread or the addition of extras like bacon or jalapeños.


The Playground Has Gone Indoors

In June, Christerson, along with fellow mom Carrie Kaptur, opened Imagination Station Enrichment Center.

Carpet Skate Bizop: Video

Fun Slide Skates are like sliding in socks on a hardwood floor.


Jetlev Flyer Water-Powered Jetpack

Offer access to the general public for admission fees and multi-use passes.


Why I Didn’t Think Of That

Unique products to amuse and inspire.


Cool Biz Idea: Postcarden

When you open the box, the card itself pops up into a three-dimensional architectural landscape.


Put Yourself To The Entrepreneur Test

The test covered seven key business traits, namely Self-sufficiency, Conscientiousness, Drive, Social Skills, Optimism, Risk-taking, and Networking Ability.

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