Finding Comfort In The Dog Business

“It’s a different type of stress,” she said during an interview this month as one of her seven dogs, Basta, a four-year-old Italian mastiff, sat at her feet.


Prison Currency Is Fishy

When Larry Levine helped prepare divorce papers for a client a few years ago, he got paid in mackerel.


How To Raise Money for Your Small Business

Thank you for your wonderful encouragement.

Recoil Winders: A Kickstarter Success Story

Recoil, a plastic device similar to a fishing reel for wires, provides an easy solution to tidy up offices, entertainment centers or the ear buds in your pocket.


Crowdfund Donations From Alumni

What if funding a project for your university interest group was as simple as asking school alumni who benefited from the group while they were in school?


Chase and LivingSocial Launch “Mission: Small Business” Grant Program

Beginning today through June 30, Chase and LivingSocial invite small business owners who have been in business for at least two years and have less than 100 employees to visit missionsmallbusiness.com to enter the program.


joinFITE Empowering Entrepreneurial Women

joinFITE will be recognized as the featured cause this year at the conference among thousands of business leaders from across the country, to spotlight their groundbreaking work to financially empower women and help them gain economic stability.


Entrepreneurs, Investors Networking Online

But what Dellorso has constructed is a vehicle that not only helps aspiring businesses find backing, it’s also a pool for investors to select worthwhile ventures.


The Match.com Of Lending

Launched in the spring of 2010 with $4 million in funding from private investors, BoeFly has supported just under $2 billion in transactions and is generating close to $150,000 in monthly sales, according to Mr.


IG PAK: Better Way To Tote Your iPad

Hart, a civil engineer and former commercial contractor, is hoping to raise $100,000 to help launch his “IG Pak (for “Instant Gratification”), a sling-style backpack for carrying an iPad.

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