Niche: Organic Food Garden Kits

“I’m one of these guys with a lot of energy,” the 48-year-old Mount Airy resident said by way of explaining what is, by his count, his seventh business effort:

Providing homeowners turnkey organic vegetable gardens that don’t require them to thrust shovels into the ground, or even do the watering.

Perfecting The Raised Garden

The MBrace was born.


Cool Idea: Seed Boxes

What sets the Life Box apart, however, is that within its corrugations are hundreds of tree seeds and thousands of spores of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.


A Homegrown Remedy

Schroeder was a first-time gardener a few years ago when she got an unpleasant surprise while inspecting her produce.


Can You Sell Anything?

The product is the idea of Annie Haven, who grew up on her family’s ranch.


Niche Biz: Flower Beds and Planters

Starting in her own yard, Gostissa planted impatiens and geraniums because they were “easy” and consistent performers; the plants that would practically thrive on neglect when the busy Mom of four was tending to her children.


Garden And Tool Caddy: Every Gardener’s Friend

As a contractor and gardener of more than three decades, Jim Fabregas has lost a few tools in his day.


Robots to Replace Undocumented Workers

Massachusetts startup Harvest Automation is beta testing a small mobile robot that it’s pitching to nurseries as the solution to their most pressing problem: a volatile labor market.


Gardening Off The Wall

His new gadget, Lu said, gives people who have no space to grow vegetables or flowers in their homes an opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of raising plants.


Business Is Blooming For Green Entrepreneur

Davis is still a month shy of his 20th birthday but his company, EcoCharlie, employs five full-time staff and is set to turn over £150,000 this year in sales of a fast-expanding range of “natural” garden products, including a garden watering system – which can be used with most mineral water bottles – sold through Oxfam.