The Art Of Goal Setting

Start with a long horizon.


Getting More Referrals

If you’re doing good work, have products that people enjoy, and provide a service and experience that exceeds expectation, chances are, your business is benefiting from word of mouth referrals.


Critical Employee Reviews

photo credit: linh.ngân

I recently came across an article on Entrepreneur.com regarding how important employee reviews are to your company and I couldn’t agree with more.


Pillars Of Business Endurance

Systematize the Best Solutions.


Should Entrepreneurs Be More Like Teenage Girls?

As I was thinking through my personal goals for this coming year, and discussing individual goals with each of my kids (a recently adopted ritual I highly recommend for any parent), an article from The Economist caught my eye.


What Makes A Good Manager?

photo credit: Stéfan

I’ve never been much of a manager myself.


Win Your Customers For Free

Use these first ideas as a starter pack, a launching pad to brainstorm more opportunities across your unique business to grow your customer base, and keep them coming back for more.


Manage Your Attention Rather Than Your Time

“The myth of time management never dies.


Curing Negativity In The Work Place

Listen to your negative employees.

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