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Mom’s Business Brings Sales For Many Mompreneurs

Since my real passion is in fashion and all things related, opening a boutique of my own would allow me to do what I love.

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Glassware That Combines Fashionable And Fancy

Lani Designs makes “hand painted glassware for the Un-Plain Jane”.


Inventor Swaps Science For Sales

The couple came up with the idea when they visited India last Christmas.


Stay At Home Moms Are Getting Crafty

Jensen is part of a growing group of stay at home moms who have tapped into their hidden talents to bring home some extra income.


Teen Creates Jewelry From Broken Skateboards

For almost a year and a half, Wells has been taking used and broken skateboards and creating aesthetically and artistically creative pieces of jewelry.


Ice Cream Experience Turned Phenomenon

Jeni Britton Bauer stumbled upon the idea when she was studying art history at The Ohio State University and tried to spice things up by mixing cayenne pepper with chocolate ice cream for friends at a dinner party.


Mom’s Own Goat Soap

Their farm is where Wiggins learned to make goat’s milk soap, in part because all four of her daughters have sensitive skin.


Reusable Straws Made Of Glass

Surowiec launched Strawesome in March 2009 to sell reusable drinking straws that are both durable and stylish with creative, fun designs.


From Necessity To Baby Sling Business

But those were the struggles facing the Chicago transplant when she decided to design a baby carrier that would simplify her life, even just a little bit.


Woolies Help Motivate Moms To Use Cloth Diapers

Not long after beginning her adventure as a new mom, Sarah Eddy made a bold move for the sake of the environment.

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