The Rise of Toilet Paper

Since the dawn of time, people have found nifty ways to clean up after the bathroom act.


Cold-Buster: From Disaster To Success

Initially designed as a fast and efficient way for Canadian soldiers to fight off hypothermia, the Cold-Buster – the culmination of 18 years of research using more than $1 million in funding – was promising to become a success with athletes and backcountry enthusiasts.

Just Keeping Spit Off The Cake

Brown spent his lunch hour the day after the party shopping for small plastic kazoo-like toys.


Doctor Turned Entrepreneur

As an orthopedic and spinal surgeon in training in 2004, Dr.

Niche Biz: Bouncin’ Bus

With 15 years of gymnastics experience, both as a participant and coach, Karas looked for a way that she could develop a business that helped her use her talents.


Niche: Dirty Shopping Cart Handles

A new study has found that 72% of shopping carts handles have fecal matter on them.


Wrist Bands Maintain Hand Warmth Using Body Heat

HeatBands™ are an innovative new type of handwarmer originally designed for Raynaud’s sufferers, they are very thin, ultra light and unobtrusive they are worn around the wrist to leave the hands and fingers free and warm.


Building A Better Defibrillator Implant

The defibrillator is still a work in progress, but Strauss recently filed an application with the U.S.


Camel’s Milk is Going to Be Big

For the tattered-clothed young men in this remote community, milking a camel’s stubby udders at sunrise is not a novelty, but a daily chore to get milk valued by their tribe for generations.

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