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Niche Health: Pain-Free Needles

Oliver Blackwell says his pain-free needle could be used in millions of procedures every year and lead to a more pleasant experience for patients.

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Chicken Soup + Nursing

Chicken Soup + Nursing is a 20-bed facility aimed at kids up to 12 years old with fever, conjunctivitis, rashes or other problems that prevent their going to school.


HealthSpot Station: Healthcare Kiosk

Billed as a telehealth system, the HealthSpot Station is a telepresence kiosk designed to take pressure off a beleaguered health care system by providing a private area where acute care patients can speak to a physician over a high-definition video conference system.


Building A Better Syringe

The Southampton resident was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2000, and his doctor told him he would need to start injecting himself with insulin at home every day.


Niche Biz: Emergency Pet Transport

After helping a friend who had run over a dog, Brady began to wonder what she would have done if the animal had survived and needed emergency care.


What’s Wrong with Medicine? Too Much Healthcare

Here is a diagnosis of what’s wrong with health care in America, straight from the horse’s mouth: There’s too much.


Why Groupon’s Future May Lie in Healthcare

The following is a guest post by Bahram Nasehi.


Medical Supply Line Making Its Mark With Health Care Products

Medical Supply Line is an Internationally branded technology asset that sources, compares, procures, manages and delivers lower cost health care equipment and supplies.

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