Entrepreneurs: We Want Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizzas!

If there are two foods more quintessentially American than hot dogs and pizza, I don’t know what they are.


How to Use a $100 Bill As Packing Material

Financial Padding consists of crumpled paper $100 dollar bill look-alikes that are a fun replacement for standard packing peanuts.

The Car Wash for Cows

British farmers are aiming to milk profits and boost productivity with this latest agricultural machine – a car wash for cows.


Turning Twitter in Toilet Paper

A company who’s name rhymes with Twitter and starts with “Sh”


Save Your Pennies: They’ll Be Worth Millions Some Day

You know what they say: “a penny saved is a penny earned,”


Watch Out For Fake Facebook Stock

Marianne Oleson, 46, made her initial appearance in Winnebago County court Wednesday afternoon.