Sweeping the Streets for Gold

Since the age of 15, Gohel has been working this alley from late morning until dark, with Sundays off, a schedule driven by shop hours and the rhythm of the settling dust.


Entrepreneur Reviving An Old Craft In India

Jan became interested in namdas during a research project on declining crafts while getting her master’s degree at the Craft Development Institute in Srinagar, Kashmir’s summer capital.


The Indian “Tampon King”

When Arunachalam Muruganantham spotted his wife gathering dirty rags in their home one day he asked her what they were for.


Start a Car Repair Business for $15

The business model of SK Motor Syndicate (SKMS) is simple.


Swimming on the Edge

Architect James Law designed an unbelievable skyscraping residential complex for real estate company Wadhwa Group in Mumbai, India.


The Billion Dollar Story of 5-Hour Energy

The rise of 5-Hour began in the spring of 2003, when Bhargava found himself at a natural products trade show in Anaheim, Calif.


Shale Oil Creates Another Gold Rush: Beans

In India’s northern desert states, farmers are scrambling to harvest as much as they can of a bean with the power to lift them out of poverty.

Video: The Human Powered Ferris Wheel

For your viewing pleasure a human powered ferris wheel from India.

How is Starbucks Doing it Differently in India?

For one thing, the coffee is made “from beans grown and roasted in the country,”


Indian Companies Not Outsourcing Back to the US

Ray Capuana paces the rows of cubicles in a haggard high-rise a stone’s throw from Wall Street as his people hustle the phones and hope for a bonus check.