Public Library Allows Patrons To Also Borrow People

The idea of a Human Library first emerged in Copenhagen about a decade ago, as a way to break down prejudice by bringing people of different backgrounds together for one-on-one conversation.

Journey To Inventor’s Secret Island

Dean Kamen, the man who invented the Segway, has turned a tiny island off the coast of Connecticut that he calls North Dumpling into his own vast, personal laboratory.


EFF Sues Newspaper Chain’s Copyright Troll

Law firm Righthaven was formed earlier this year for the sole purpose of suing for copyright infringement.


The Happiest Entrepreneurs In Canada

Overall, high satisfaction levels associated with owning their own business were the main reasons for small business owners having a more positive attitude than those who work for someone else.


Gain More Business At Networking Events


Businesspeople unfamiliar with referral networking sometimes lose sight of the fact that networking is the means–not the end–of their business-building activities.


How To Detect Employee Fraud

Asset misappropriation.


Connecting The Dots In Your Business

I’ll describe what needs to happen if you want to connect disparate pieces of information about the same person, organization, or entity.


What Your Lawyer Isn’t Telling You

Your bill is only a guesstimate.


Rough Times For Small Businesses

photo credit: kevindooley

It’s no surprise that small businesses around the country were really hurting due to the weak economy situation but it’s actually quite shocking just how bad the situation really was for them.


Biggest Fears For Entrepreneurs

photo credit: h.koppdelaney

Today while the dream of so many people is to become their own boss, create a great product, or simply open up their very own business of some sort and run their own company, so many of those dreamers are tied down by fear today, especially because of the economic situation we’re in.