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How Gorgeous Is Your Garage?

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Kicking Your Mower Into Four Wheel Drive

With some seed money from his wife and some long months of tinkering, he soon had come up with the right modifications to give his lawn tractor some of the characteristics of an all-terrain vehicle.


Niche Health: Pain-Free Needles

Oliver Blackwell says his pain-free needle could be used in millions of procedures every year and lead to a more pleasant experience for patients.


Inventor Reinventing The Cup Holder

Pete Vinal from Wilmington invented the Drink Genie, and it’s safe to say it grants the wishes of those constantly on the go.

Two Teens Jump Into The Outdoor Sports Industry

Dakota and Garret Porter have been spending every waking hour on their new business.


Inventions Born From Innovation

Inventor Sir Harry Coover worked for the Eastman Kodak Company in 1942, and was actually trying to find the best material to make a transparent plastic gun sight.


Prosthetic Legs For Every Occasion

An industrial designer and an orthopedic surgeon realized that prosthetic legs don’t have to be dull, ordinary and plastic.


Tackling The Snow In Luggage Racks

They call it the Roof Rack Scraper, a modified shovel-scraper that allows motorists to clear snow from every nook and cranny of a vehicle’s overhead rack.


Eliminating Smelly Water Bottles

Hotell is the co-founder of Carlsbad-based Nice Reusables.


Niche Inventions: 3D Sound

Twenty-one years and 8000 hours of work later, his part-time project has finally developed into a fledging business in Brisbane employing seven people.

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