Niche Product: Teecil

Squillante, a business major, said he began to take the idea of turning his idea into a start-up company seriously last year, when a professor encouraged him to patent the Teecil.


Niche Inventions: Floating Solar Panels

Floating solar panels soaking up the sun on Italy’s Lake Colignola will provide a cost-effective, more visually attractive way to harness the sun’s power, says its inventor, Marco Rosa-Clot.


Redesigning The Food Bowl

Bollengier, 39, said he carried the idea for the “CaliBowl” with him through stints in pro baseball and modeling and into his adult life as a contractor and father of four.


Supersizing The Rubik Cube

He said: ‘The puzzle has never been solved, although people have solved virtual versions of it on the internet.


Niche Invention: Clap-Off Bra

Sarafan said he got the idea from after he first heard about Syrian Lingerie.


Inside Coke’s “Freestyle” Soda Fountain

It’s the machine’s guts that tell the real story.

Niche Invention: Knee Skates

Knee Blades makes the job easier for anyone that works on all fours.


Terressentia Strikes Liquid Gold

Their secret is a patented process called Terrepure, a combination of filtration and oxidation that uses ultrasonic energy to purify distillate.


A Safer Water Skiing Handle

“What’s happening is the traditional handle has an opening created by the V shape of the handle.


Solar Powered, Smart Roads

Solar cells inside its glass surface would allow the roadway to act as a giant solar power generator, fueling embedded heating elements and making plows and other snow removal equipment unnecessary.

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