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Niche: Facebook Insurance

First it was Swiss Life, now AXA has joined the party.

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He Read the Fine Print and Made Millions on Death

Joseph Caramadre has spent a lifetime scouring the fine print.


Niche Biz: Pet Insurance

In America, 65 percent of households have dogs or cats, yet only 1 percent of those pets have pet insurance.


Traffic Ticket Insurance

Indian River County’s Ian Sidles, age 25, and Dustin Boring, 30, incorporated Pre-Paid Auto Club in August.


Insurance That Pays You When You’re Unemployed

Though state unemployment systems are designed to replace 50% of former wages, benefits are capped at a relatively low fixed dollar amount.


IBM’s Watson Super Computer Gets a Job

Watson, the “Jeopardy!”-playing computer system, is getting a job.


Get Protected: Insurance Types for Small Business Owners

All too often entrepreneurs and small business owners are so caught up with developing a brand, recruiting employees and creating a solid marketing plan that they forget to purchase one of the most important things that can protect them from the “risks”


Divorce Insurance?

Here’s how its WedLock product works.


How I Saved My Company

Mile Meter likes to think of itself as the “anti-insurance insurance company.” It sells auto insurance by the mile — which means that the less you drive, the less you pay for insurance.


How Not To Lose Your Life

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