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Inventor On The Fast Track With HeatTrak

“I thought, there’s got to be a better way,” said Glazer, now 33, who owns HeatTrak, a Paterson-based company that manufacturers ice melting mats for residential and industrial use.

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The Origin Of The Safety Pin

It was one of many Hunt inventions, including the sewing machine, knife sharpener, a streetcar alarm bell and a device that helped launch the Winchester repeating rifle and revolving pistol.


Thomas Edison: Most Iconic Inventor

Even the Apple generation doesn’t favor Steve Jobs over the most iconic inventor in U.S.


Get Your Idea Made: Telebrands

Process: Submit your idea to InventorsDay@Telebrands.com.


Thomas Edison’s ‘Todo’ List

Thomas Edison was a busy guy.


When Kids Get Creative

Kids can be very creative and can see things in a way that adults don’t.


Energy From Recycled Carbon

The “carbon catcher” promoted by Viva Cundliffe promises huge savings to companies that emit carbon dioxide by breaking it down to its original components: oxygen and carbon.


Helping Toddlers Get A Grip On Their Utensils

Standing in his kitchen, he sifts through a plastic bin of forks and spoons designed with toddlers in mind.


Littlewunz Keep Little Ones Happy


The Go – Go Warmer has a built-in temperature gauge and pressure sensor to ensure the perfect temperature every time.


Inventors, The Odds Are Against You

Just because it’s easier to get into inventing, doesn’t mean it’s any likelier to eke out a personal net profit.

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