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Automatic Beer Foam Generator

I always thought that mugs of beer weren’t supposed to have big heads of foam on top.

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Dental Niche: Vampire Teeth

The latest cosmetic dentistry trend out of Japan is “Yaeba”: Vampire Teeth.


Hand Cranked Japanese Vending Machine

Vending machine maker Sanden, which has some 30 percent of the global market, has been showing off a hand-cranked vending machine for emergencies when the power’s out and solar generation isn’t available or feasible.


The Japanese Crab Meat King

Tatsuya Abe is Japan’s crab-meat king.


Temporary Inflatable Cast

The Multiprotector from Kinoshita Kogyo is a simple cast that can stabilize an injured area with the use of a single straw.


Glow in the Dark Blue Jeans

The jeans work because we apply a phosphorescent coating to the fabric in Japan.


Photo Booth with a 3D Printer

World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth to Open in Japan, where you can have your portraits taken, except instead of a photograph, you’ll receive miniature replicas of yourselves.


Frozen Beer Foam

The beer itself isn’t frozen, the head of it is.


The Vending Machine That Uses (Almost) No Power

Called the ‘A011 Peak Shift’, the vending machine cools products only during the night instead of the daytime—to take advantage of the surplus power capacity at night.


Charging Electric Cars With the Road

It’s a well-known shortcoming of electric cars that they can only be driven short distances.

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