Print Your Own Silver Jewelry

To print an object, users either use 3D modeling software and upload a model to the site or customize a pre-designed object.


Build-Your-Own Locket Design

“I wanted one, too, but my mom said I had to earn the money,” Weems said.


Niche Biz: Customized Pearl Jewelry

It began where all good things happen — in the kitchen.


Low Cost Startup Biz Ideas: Jewelry Designer

People like handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and this hobby is a good choice for a home-based business.


Divorce Rings?

Even though divorce rates have been dropping, we still have divorce ceremonies and other ridiculous ways to spend money to celebrate something that shouldn’t be celebrated.


Today in Entrepreneurial History: November 30

On this day in 1840, Canadian businessman Henry Birks was born.


Katie’s Charming People With Low Cost, High Quality Charms

Katie’s Charms is an online store dedicated to selling beads, charms and accessories that fit European bead bracelets (such as those made by Pandora and Chamilia).


SKM Artworks: Gorgeous Jewelry With A Handmade Touch

SKM artworks’ mission is to create beautiful, accessible jewelry for people looking to connect on a deeper level with what they buy and wear.


Young Entrepreneurs Dare You To Bring On The Bling

Janessa, age 14 and Rachel, age 16 partnered in ‘Bring On The Bling!’ in the spring of 2011.


Pixie Printz Imprints Jewelry With Personality

Pixie Printz is a business that not only offers a one of a kind keepsake, but also gives you an unforgettable experience with your child.

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